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Our Mission

To empower devices and machines with artificial intelligence to see and capture depth so they can serve humanity better.

Sensor Agnostic Depth Thru Deep Learning API

Software only solution with dynamic and customizable API for simple integration into any single, dual or multi camera device and application independent of hardware setup such as baseline, field of view and resolution. Model outperforms others in power consumption across major mobile devices.

Real-time Modular Adaptable AI Capture

Software solution leveraging modular deep learning based depth technology through years of research in computer vision, machine learning and brain processing to enable devices to perceive distances and adopting to new environments at low computing in real-time like humans do.

Cloud Trained But Processed At The Edge

Millions of data points stored on our cloud platform to train, improve and download copy models to run at the edge on hardware devices to infer depth and 3D vision. No continuous cloud connection needed, but operating through API calls to bring adaptable model to the edge device with CPU, GPU and NPU supported chip sets.

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units of dual camera phones shipped in 2017

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phones launched at MWC 2018 have dual cameras


percentage of brands adopting dual cameras


projected market for depth imaging by 2021

3D/VR/AR Belongs in Mobile

While headset adoption struggles, we are seeing Mobile take hold of the future of AR/VR. Depth sending and 3D vision adds another dimension to phone capture which has Lucid built a pure software solution for with AI. They are revolutionizing the way the industry has addressed this problem using deep learning.

David Anderman Digital Media Executive - CBO at Jaunt, previous COO at Lucasfilm

3D Scan & Visual Effects

Until today 3D scan and visual effects required a studio and lots of equipment. Lucid's technology allows everyone to scan in 3D and create visual effects for consumer level applications leveraging deep learning. It takes away the high cost of expensive depth sensing and structured light systems.

Nick Tesi President of TNG Visual FX - Effects in Star Wars, Twilight & Halo

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