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Our Mission

To accelerate the transition to an AI-empowered world by increasing the speed and scale of building AI applications

Crowdsource & customize AI datasets on-demand

Spending hours searching for the right data sets online or assigning it to third parties or in-house teams to acquire significant amounts of data belong to the past. Source and convert AI models and data into applications within minutes by finding everything here.

Securely modify & train AI models within seconds

Instantly integrate pre-labeled image data in your AI model development cycles in the most secure way possible through API calls. No public transfer or exposure of sensitive data. Manage everything with a simple user interface in a safe environment.

Scale & iterate AI models to create applications fast

Iterate with confidence during your AI application development and change requirements anytime by changing models and data sets or requesting customized input from the crowd. Never let complexity slow you down, but turn AI models & data into applications fast.

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global AI data market by 2025


AI investment growth


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> 99%

data quality and security

Emotion recognition on faces

Data security and access differentiates our business. We go with Lucid’s solution because it allows us to build and develop AI models in a safe environment within minutes.

Shaun Moore: Cofounder/CEO at Trueface

Posture recognition on humans

We were managing most of the data acquisition and labeling in-house until we realized that it saved us so much cost and time to go with Lucid.

Thomas Tseng: Founder/Chairman at Cubo

Product & brand recognition

Our biggest challenge was for users to find the right product fast. Lucid’s platform allowed us to train, improve and deploy AI search applications within days.

Jennifer Tseng: Founder/CEO at CloudSet