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Democratizing AI For A Decentralized World

World's #1 AI Platform Using Contextual Data To Personalize & Scale Digital Content


Our Mission

To create a decentralized brain that enables applications to easily add AI capabilities through APIs.

Indexed Contextual Data Stored As A Knowledge Graph

Most companies are building AI personalization on siloed internal data while struggling under Google’s and Apple’s control of cookies and consumer data. We want data to be decentralized, allowing any developer to add AI capabilities to their applications through Lucid and access to a commonly owned dynamic database that aggregates contextual data in a knowledge graph.

Deploy AI Personalization Into Your Applications Using APIs

Instead of spending millions on building your own Data/AI team, developing your own AI models, and indexing & labeling the limited amount of data you’ve acquired, you can tap into our decentralized Knowledge Graph to deploy AI capabilities instantly. We have a pre-set of APIs that add recommendations, contextual search, and personalization to your apps without you building things from scratch.

Add AI Capabilities To Your Applications Through Queries

Develop your own specific AI functionalities by querying the Knowledge Graph for the contextual data your AI will need to predict, search, analyze or personalize content, services, and other offerings in your application. Build out the best AI capabilities using a commonly owned dynamic data graph that helps you boost user engagement, retention, and conversions.

Here are a few ways how the world is using our solutions.




We work with the best companies in the world.


Increase in engagement


Increase in retention


Increase in transactions


Increase in revenue

Best AI Solution On The Market!

We specialize in content & media, but building out AI infrastructure, teams and data are not our strengths. Ever since we adopted Lucid AI personalization on our platform, we have seen spectacular user engagement and retention growth within weeks!

James Lauzun: VP of Product

Great Recommendations Made Users Return

We had always been trying to find ways to help our influencers succeed with their content, and fortunately, we came across Lucid’s AI. It didn’t just match the right content to the right brands, but also landed our influencers more deals overall. They are very happy with the results!

Rita Liu: CEO at

Boosted Product Sales Within Weeks

Renting out designer clothes used to be quite challenging, as each user has their own style and tastes. That’s why we were so excited when we found Lucid! Its AI integrates seamlessly with our marketplace and recommends the perfect clothes, and we’ve seen a dramatic boost in sales!

Jennifer Tseng: Founder/CEO at CloudSet