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Fluid Edge Themes

LucidCam, The First VR180 Camera

The world’s first robotics eyes turned into a camera for 3D VR180. LucidCam was developed with the thought in mind of mimicking human vision capabilities, as human beings have two eyes and each comes with a peripheral vision. This camera leverages the parallax effect to capture 3D, but Lucid built in intelligence which allows LucidCam to sense depth and understand its surroundings better over time similar to human eyes.

RED H4V 3D Camera

For a Holographic phone you need a camera which understands the environment and captures, converts and streams in 4-View (4V). The RED H4V 3D camera was built with the intention to showcase Lucid’s technological advancement in AI-enhanced 3D and depth capture. The camera features two moving high-resolution dynamic cameras which adjust dynamically. Lucid’s engine allows you to generate multiple views through AI with only two views being captured.

Any Stereo 3D Camera

Thinking about adding the next generation 3D or VR180 camera to your product line? Lucid’s technology and mass production expertise can help to ramp up new products in this space faster than anyone else to either tackle the content challenge in VR/AR or going fully holographic, we are here to cut your time to market by half by not reinventing the wheel, but leveraging our years of 3D and VR180 camera development experience to speed up your product cycle.