Boost your retention & revenue with AI-powered personalization

Elevate your platform and applications with AI capabilities that harness user insights, effortlessly delivering tailored content, news, and products to your customers. Experience accelerated revenue growth like never before.

Discover How Lucid Can Supercharge Your Personalization and Revenue in Just 3 Months

What you can achieve with powerful personalization

Harnessing the power of knowledge graphs and contextual data extraction, Lucid seamlessly generates comprehensive user insights and valuable content data in tandem. With this robust infrastructure, you can access a multitude of features designed to continually enhance user experience and fuel revenue growth through AI.

Create Highlight Videos

Short-form videos create snackable content that is easier to digest. Lucid’s AI summarizes your videos for key moments and feeds the most compelling version to each user keeping them watching longer and coming back more.

Enable Fuzzy Search

Often, users aren’t entirely certain about what they’re seeking until they encounter it. With Lucid’s robust AI, contextually comprehending content and accurately predicting user intentions, the search experience and efficiency are magnified by a staggering factor of 10.

Dynamic Recommendation Engine
Traditionally, platforms were limited to utilizing either collaborative or content-based filtering as their primary recommender systems. With Lucid’s AI brain, you can now harness the combined strength of BOTH approaches, resulting in a comprehensive solution that continuously evolves and amplifies its effectiveness over time.

Improving your platform matrix across the board

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Media networks and content platforms use Lucid’s solutions to gain user insights and optimize their content highlights, recommendations, contextual search growing revenue per user.


Personalization can be challenging for boutique retailers to do by themselves. E-commerce use Lucid’s solutions in recommending the right products to customers to drastically boost sales.


Social platforms use Lucid’s AI brain to improve their news feed, recommendations and search results, reducing the overwhelming content overload for every single user.

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