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Arthur Van Hoff Joins Lucid

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Arthur Van Hoff Joins Lucid

We Welcome Arthur Van Hoff to Lucid’s Board of Advisors

Adam Rowell (Lucid Co-founder & CTO), Arthur Van Hoff, Han Jin (Lucid Co-founder & CEO)
From left to right: Adam Rowell (Lucid Co-founder & CTO), Arthur Van Hoff, Han Jin (Lucid Co-founder & CEO)

We would like to welcome Arthur Van Hoff to Lucid’s board of advisors! Arthur is a serial entrepreneur who has founded multiple start-ups and helped others climb the ranks to nationwide notoriety. His biggest claim to fame is founding Jaunt in 2013, which has been at the forefront of developing technology to understand and create immersive content experiences.

Over 40 Years of 3D Experience

Starting in the ’80s, Arthur worked on depth map generation, photogrammetry, and 3D with dual and multi-cameras. His research and development culminated in the Jaunt One, a professional grade, 360° multi-camera system for filming high-end cinematic 3D VR movies. Since then he has taken the company in the direction of enabling the augmented reality tech of the future through spatial computing and machine learning. Jaunt recently launched the XR Cast, enabling the capture and distribution of volumetric video content in real time. In other words, you can capture any content you want, and turn it into a hologram to be stitched into another scene in real-time video.

Similarly, Lucid’s 3D fusion technology enables depth sensing through artificial intelligence and has been deployed in millions of mass-produced devices from mobile phones to 3D cameras to drones, robots, and security cameras. Given Arthur’s proven track record in computer vision, mobile applications, 3D imaging, and computational photography, we are extremely excited to see where this collaboration will take Lucid in the future.

A Leader That Drives Advancement

Here’s what Han Jin, Lucid’s CEO/Co-founder, had to say, ”Arthur is an inspirational leader and technologist who reshaped the entire mobile and multi-camera space with groundbreaking inventions. He will help us bring AI, machine learning and 3D vision to more and more mobile devices. Lucid is proud to welcome him and look forward to him helping lead our technology research and advancements in AI and machine learning, so more devices, people and places around the world will discover the importance of depth and 3D data.”