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  • “ML is the future!”. This is a statement that you have probably come across in some form recently, as machine learning seems to be all the rage in the tech realm. But what exactly is machine learning? How has it managed to position itself, in a numerous amount of fields, as a major driver of progress? And why won’t people stop talking about it? A quick overview: in the mid-20th century, Arthur Samuel, who coined the phrase machine learning, decided that computers should be able to learn on their own

  • After the tragic Maryland shooting transpired at the Capital Gazette, in late June, police were desperate to find the culprit. Without cooperation from the suspect and an inability to match fingerprints, the police department turned to a system including millions of photos of criminals as well as people who carried driver’s licenses with the state: the Maryland Image Repository System (Brandom). Thanks to this database (MIRS), police were able to identify Jarrod Ramos as the shooter. Law enforcement could lean on image recognition, when all customary methods failed, and Maryland was

  • It's no secret that computer vision, machine learning, and augmented reality is on a rapid incline, transforming the tech field as a whole. We sat down with 2 of our team’s computer vision interns, Manasa Manohora and Deepika Kanade (pictured below), to chat about where they see the CV industry going.                             1. Since you’ve started in computer vision, what overall progressions have you seen?  Manasa: It’s been over a year since I started working in the field of computer vision.