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Deepfake Your Next Zoom Meeting

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Deepfake Your Next Zoom Meeting

Deepfake Your Next Zoom Meeting with Help From AI & xpression camera

These days we could all use an extra smile or two, and AI is ready to help out. Make your next video call a bit more fun with the xpression camera app. Currently under beta, this Mac and iPhone app acts as a second video camera for your next Google Meet, Zoom, or Facetime call. Sounds boring, except that it will take any image or video of a person and deepfakes your mouth and facial expression onto it!

Or perhaps you slept in a bit late and did not have a chance to get ready for the day. Simply choose an image of you dressed to the nines and voilĂ , you’re ready to go! Or choose from the included list of “characters” including the Venus De Milo, Mozart, Mona Lisa, Base Ruth, Ghengis Khan, etc, to make things a bit more fun. No matter the reason, this neat little app is a sign of interesting times to come, proving deepfakes can be used for good.

With so many headlines about deepfakes as of late, it is definitely refreshing to see one that shows them in a positive light. Perhaps by making deepfakes into a fun toy-style app, the public will not only learn how to use them for a good purpose, but also how to spot the nuances of a deepfake so they can protect themselves from misinformation.

The app reminds us of the body change scene in The Adventures of Pluto Nash where Eddy Murphy and Rosario Dawson “try on” different bodies on camera. We’re not too far from that today (well, not the plastic surgery part…), and our real technology doesn’t even need to scan you! (Be aware, the scene is slightly NSFW.)