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Field Applications Engineer at Lucid

Posted 1 year ago

Real-world depth vision data is all around us, and largely uncaptured and uncatalogued. Lucid is a computer vision startup which developed an AI-based 3D depth sensing solution to enable any dual camera device like mobile phones, robots, laptops and more to see depth through machine learning.

We are looking for a field applications engineer who has a strong technical background and can support the sales team and post sale process with trouble shooting and soft development skills.

Here are the responsibilities:
– Function as part of the sales team in the “pre-sales” stage, promoting our products & presenting the technical merits
– Manage & help potential customers in technical evaluation
– Identify customer’s technical needs and match the right technology/solution
– Coordinate with Sales and R&D for customer evaluations and tech support needs
– Support existing customers at the “post sale” stage, helping them in the integration of our IP, training, and consultation
– Help and support the local sales team in penetrating new accounts and identifying potential customers
– Build and develop relationships with existing and potential customer’s technical teams and technical management staff
– Generate new customer leads utilizing existing or new networking connections
– Diagnose and debug intricate and complex problems that customers are experiencing
– Study and gain expertise on new products quickly and transfer such information to both internal and external customers
– Analyze and articulate problems that can’t be solved using traditional trouble shooting data and processes. In this instance, the application engineer will isolate the issue, identify the problem and interact directly with the engineer responsible to find a solution
What You Need for this Position
– Strong understanding of Computer Vision and Machine Learning
– C/C++ Real Time Programming
– Debugging Systems
– Self driven with strong ability to take ownership of customer relationships, solve technical issues and handle solution coordination with customers
– Excellent presentation, communication, listening and interpersonal skills, with the ability to effectively articulate issues and solutions
– BS/MS in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering (BSEE, MSEE) or related fields

Bonus Skills:
– Knowledge in DSP / GPU / NPU / CPU architecture and IP integration/delivery (like TI, ADI, Freescale, Qualcomm, ARM or similar processors)
– Knowledgeable in Wireless or Multimedia real-time applications (e.g: Wireless, Voice & Audio, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, etc)
– General DSP/ASIC/SoC Design knowledge and experience
– Knowledgeable in the wireless connectivity, surveillance/VR/AR, cellular, automotive, semiconductor or similar industries
So, if you are a Field Application Engineer whose experience aligns with the above requirements, please apply.

Networking, Sales, Computer Vision, Lead Generation, Mandarin Chinese Proficiency, Communication Skills, English language

Job Features

Salary$40k – $60k
Equity0.1% – 1.0%

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