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Full-Stack Developer at Lucid

Posted 1 year ago

Real-world depth vision data is all around us, and largely uncaptured and uncatalogued. Lucid is a computer vision startup which developed an AI-based 3D depth sensing solution to enable any dual camera device like mobile phones, robots, laptops and more to see depth through machine learning.

We are searching for a passionate full stack developer who loves working on developing code for video and image processing, 2D/3D rendering, image calibration and app/website video integration for computer vision products. This person will be developing the firmware and take care of integration of image processing and android systems for products such as mobile phones, robots, cameras and many more.

A huge plus would be if he also knows OpenGL which will drastically accelerate your learning during the development. If you want to work on a technology which will change the future, then apply to Lucid and help us disrupt 2D with AI-enhanced depth and 3D.

Additional skills as bonus:
android development, database design, implementation, and deployment, handling large files on a website backend, streaming files to clients over the Internet, storing and managing large data, setting up social network like websites, including video players in websites, HTML5 canvas experience, OpenGL experience, shared login experience with Facebook, Amazon, etc., AJAX experience, syncing data between websites, databases, and apps, video processing, stream videos live, handling large amount of network traffic, designing websites with multiple servers

Job Features

Salary$80k – $110k
Equity0.1% – 1.0%

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