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Program/Product Manager at Lucid

Posted 1 year ago

Real-world depth vision data is all around us, and largely uncaptured and uncatalogued. Lucid is a computer vision startup which developed an AI-based 3D depth sensing solution to enable any dual camera device like mobile phones, robots, laptops and more to see depth through machine learning.

We are looking for a passionate software product/program manager who has strong organizational skills and an eye for markets. He/she should have managed software development schedules before and understand how to influence and manage teams towards common milestones and meet deadlines.

This individual should have the skills to map out projects in microsoft office and trouble shoot technical problems in the software development process. He/she will assist the engineering team on customer calls and help lead and drive schedules in collaboration with outside teams. At the same time he/she is capable of understanding the market needs and contribute to new market discovery and projects. This role requires a technical and business leader in one who wants to make a huge impact by building products which millions of people use.

A huge plus would be if you also know a little about computer vision and machine learning which will drastically accelerate your learning during the development. If you want to work on a technology which will change the future, then apply to Lucid and help us disrupt 2D videos and pictures with AI-enhanced depth and 3D.

Job Features

Salary$60k – $90k

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