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Software QA Engineer at Lucid

Posted 1 year ago

Real-world depth vision data is all around us, and largely uncaptured and uncatalogued. Lucid is a computer vision startup which developed an AI-based 3D depth sensing solution to enable any dual camera device like mobile phones, robots, laptops and more to see depth through machine learning.

We are looking for a passionate software QA engineer who understands how to automate testing for software development and design test trials and preconditions to examine product functionality, content and user friendliness. He/she should autonomously simulate product performance, evaluate results and compare those results with predicted outcomes. Once the automation process is complete, he/she should be able to identify and document product problems or defects using bug tracking systems.

Prospective candidates may consider an associate’s or bachelor’s degree program in computer engineering, computer programming or information technology. Associate’s degree programs typically last two years and include a general education in social sciences and English, as well as computer programming, digital electronic design and microprocessor design courses. Bachelor’s degree programs generally include general education courses and cover advanced topics, such as circuit theory, software engineering and signals and systems design.

A huge plus would be if you also know OpenGL which will drastically accelerate your learning during the development. If you want to work on a technology which will change the future, then apply to Lucid and help us disrupt 2D videos and pictures with AI-enhanced depth and 3D.

Job Features

Salary$80k – $120k
Equity0.1% – 1.0%

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