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Laptop Applications

Livestream Background Removal

Messy rooms, dirty dishes and people walking in the background while streamers are taking their performances to a completely different level. Instead of distracting the audience, buying an expensive separate device or embedding a space-consuming depth system in the laptop, a simple dual camera at 20% of the cost could do the work with Lucid’s advanced 3D Fusion Technology. Easily remove backgrounds in real-time with an all-in-one solution to a level of precision where the gamer’s hairstyle stays in top shape.

Facial Identification For Multiple Purposes

A Gamer’s entire life and accomplishments are stored on his laptop, so why not make it safe through his identity. Easy login without typing, easy in game purchases without moving and all services customized to his needs taking the laptop experience to a completely new level. Now your laptop is not just a laptop, but a gaming machine customized to a gamer’s performance and needs by verifying his face live in 3D. 

Gaming With You Inside

All controls in the gamer’s hands to direct and move his avatar by just gestures and motion. Human-centric designed game controls will take gaming to a completely new level of interaction without the hurdle of physical peripherals. In addition the gamer can create own avatars by scanning their own face, leverage gestures to manipulate avatar expressions and communicate with others inside the game as if they are the main character in their favorite game.