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Fluid Edge Themes

Capture and Use 3D and Depth

AI Vision Platform to Enable Multi-Camera Mobile Devices to Capture 3D and Depth

Scan and Map 3D In No Time

Save your world in 3D by capturing a video with the dual cameras and turn it into high resolution avatars in real-time. Quick and easy scanning of you, your friends, your family and share on social media or send it to your 3D printer in just few steps. Edit, rotate and unveil details through an easy interface and use your 3D object anywhere.

Accurate Mixed Reality For Apps

Map out the space the two cameras see accurately in real-time and place 3D objects naturally into the real world. Gain full access and transparency of the environment as Lucid’s technology analyzes instantly the space of the dual image streams to calculate distances, consider occlusions and build your own VR/AR/MR app.  

Easily Generate Holograms

Create content for holographic displays by capturing multi-views with only dual cameras and convert it in real-time into a format viewable on the display. Record 3D images and videos or even stream right into the screen from wherever you are. Previously 2D dependent features will be now available in 3D such as facetime, self-recorded videos and games in a completely new dimension.