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Fluid Edge Themes

Scalable Vision Profile For Human Vision

Lucid’s technology allows robots to see as accurate as humans do with simple dual cameras. Expensive depth systems are no longer required to navigate robots safely through different environments, because now they have a vision profile which is being constantly updated in the cloud and allows them to reach exceptional vision performances. The pain of expensive and space-consuming depth systems is no longer a limitation for your robot design and development.

Highly Accurate Stereo Depth Vision

Accurate depth vision does not just come from good eyes/cameras, but is based on memory, training and inference. The same concept is applied to Lucid’s 3D Fusion Technology which leverages AI and the cloud for training, improvement and forecasts of how the environment should look like based on previous captions. That allows the robot to have a close to accurate prediction of depth without the challenges normal stereo cameras have while generating disparity maps.

Precise Navigation With Combination of AI and SLAM

Our eyes are not the only reason we move through spaces easily, but the more we walk through environments the better our understanding and navigation. Now pair this machine learning approach with SLAM and you reach exceptional performances in autonomous navigation. A robot is not just faster in response, but more precise in movement even in new spaces as the training removes the uncertainties previously introduced through the unknown.