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Co-founder of Oculus (Acquired by Fb)

VP Corp Dev at Disney

Co-founder of RedOctane (Guitar Hero)

Founder of Jaunt VR

Management Team


Han Jin

Co-Founder & CEO

Han is the founder and CEO of Lucid. They designed the world’s first VR180 3D camera, the LucidCam. Born in China and raised in Germany, he studied, worked and lived in 8 countries before graduating with an engineering master’s degree from UC Berkeley which directed him into product/program management and operations in technology, and building startups in VR/AR and Robotics from the ground up. He successfully scaled teams from 1 to 50, went through YCombinator, raised multiple rounds of funding from investors and gone multiple times through product development cycles from concept into mass production and retail distribution all the way into Best Buy and Amazon while teaching AI and statistics at UC Berkeley, and contributing to Forbes. Jin and Lucid have been featured in TechCrunch, Forbes, CNET, Inc. and ComputerBild among others and received numerous accolades including Inc.’s and Forbes’ 30 Under 30, Red Herring Top 100, the Lumiere’s Award and Edison Award.

Adam Rowell

Co-Founder & CTO

Adam is the co-founder and CTO of Lucid. His breakthrough research in computer vision and signal processing as a PhD at Stanford powers the technology behind the world’s first VR180 3D camera, the LucidCam. He worked for many years in the industry for Exponent as a consultant focused on computer vision development, from consumer to business to military applications, coding and leading engineering teams to build the most advanced systems in the industry. Afterwards, he joined Maxim Integrated in their Advanced Analytics team, optimizing the organization of the 10,000 employee public company from the ground up. Adam defines the technology direction and leads Lucid’s engineering team.


Our Talented Group

Lucid brought together some of the most driven individuals from computer vision, machine learning, and AI to tackle depth vision through dual cameras with an AI-enhanced software solution.

Calibration Lead

David is an expert in robotic vision and camera calibration. He was the previous calibration lead on the Google Tango project and before that he built robots at Willow Garage and was one of the main contributors to OpenCV.

Director of Business Ops

Joe's career has been a mix of business and operational experience including business development and program management for a variety of projects. His Sales/BD team now ranges from the bay area all the way to Taipei. Joe holds a BS degree from Cornell University.

Sr. Computer Vision Engineer

Sheldon is an expert in computer vision and image processing with a MS from Georgia Tech who prototypes faster than speed of light. His strength in algorithms and firmware allows him to make any device see depth.

Marketing Manager

Ryan is the most creative person at Lucid skilled in everything what makes the company look good. His business degree positioned him to define marketing, branding and design directions, and all that as a one man show.

Field Applications Engineer

Mick is an exceptional field applications engineer coming with years of industry experience not just designing applications, but also implementing and driving integration. He is leading Lucid's Asia engagements and has a MS from UC Berkeley.

Computer Vision Engineer

Yuan is specialized in Computer Vision and Machine Learning bringing the highest intelligence to vision and its applications. She works on making dual cameras smarter than just two lenses and is working toward an MS in computer science at UCSC.

Computer Vision Engineer

Shorav is a computer vision and machine learning engineer who approaches problem solving with meditative skills and never-ending curiosity. He loves the challenge of hard problems and tries to solve everything with AI. He is a yoga enthusiast, and starts every day with yoga poses.

BD/Sales Manager

Jeff is a technophile with entrepreneurial mindset and dedicated to understanding customer problems to solve with new technology. Worked as Business Development and Project Manager at different start-ups in multiple industries including FinTech, Blockchain and Ed-Tech.

Head of Legal

Campbell is a patent attorney specializing in software and electronic devices. Before becoming an attorney, Campbell examined patents at the USPTO and worked as a software developer focusing on natural language processing and computational chemistry problems. Campbell has a B.S. in chemistry from Furman University and a J.D. from Santa Clara University School of Law.

Marketing Intern

Born and raised in Connecticut, the youngest of four children. Currently a senior Economics major at Santa Clara University. He enjoys skiing, sailing, mountain biking, trail running, and general mountaineering. While most go to the tropics to escape the cold in the winter, he will be in the mountains.

Android Engineer

Parry is a software developer that works on our LUCID Android applications. He has experience working as a system engineer in R&D departments and dealing with Factory Line system-integration issues.

Senior Android Engineer

Richard has rich experience with software development in embedded Linux and Android BSP, Framework, and Android App. He loves cats, programming, and software architecture design.

Computer Vision Engineer

Norman is an engineer in computer vision and computer graphics, with experience in avatar reconstruction and texture analysis. He likes hiking in the summer and snowboarding in the winter.