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Conversion Tool Setup


Easily convert LucidCam content to top/bottom format for stereoscopic viewing on YouTube VR180. Just hit the convert button on our tool, inject the metadata, and upload directly to YouTube!

  • Compatible only with Windows OS
  • Content must be filmed in equirectangular output

Adobe AE Project File

  1.  Make sure your LucidCam is set to output equirectangular video. If not, you will first need to use a plugin like SkyBox to convert from spherical to equirectangular.
  2. Open the LucidCam to YouTube template scene in Adobe After Effects CC2017.
  3. Import your LucidCam video clip.
  4. Drop your clip into the composition timeline named “Drop LucidCam Equirectangular 180 Video Here” (The template is assuming a 2160×1080 clip. If your clip is a different size, you will need to right click on it and select Transform->Fit To Comp).
  5. Switch to the composition named “180 Stacked” You should see your left and right views stacked. Click the box to disable the audio for the “Right View.”
  6. Switch to the composition named “360 For Youtube Render” You should see your left and right views stacked and repeated to fill the frame. Click the boxes to disable the audio for two of the repeated comps. Only one comp should have active audio.
  7. Set the composition’s running time to your desired length.This tempate will work with videos up to 10 minutes in length. For longer videos, you will need to extend the time of all comps in the project.
  8. In the Composition menu, select “Add To Render Queue” or “Add To Adobe Media Encoder” and output an .mp4 file or .h264 quicktime file.
  9. Run the program Spatial Media Metadata Injector.
  10. Click the “Open” button and select your rendered video.
  11. Check the boxes for “My video is spherical (360)” and “My video is stereoscopic 3D (top/bottom layout).
  12. Click the “Inject metadata” button and save your file.
  13. Upload your saved file with injected metadata to YouTube.
  14. Once the video is uploaded and processed, Youtube will recognize the metadata and activate 360 3D playback.

MetaData Injector


The spatial metadata injector is what allows youtube to read your content as a 360/stereoscopic video.